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The Best Restaurants in Durban in 2023

The Best Restaurants in Durban-South Africa You Won’t Want to Miss

Durban, South Africa, has some of the most amazing restaurants in the world! This city never disappoints when it comes to its culinary scene and with so many options to choose from,some other best restaurants in Durban

it can be hard to narrow down your list of the best Restaurants in Durban South Africa! For those looking for a day or night out with friends and family in Durban,

A good restaurant maintains a high standard of food quality and ensures that guests receive the same level of service with each meal. Serving good food can help your restaurant build a good reputation and entice customers to return for more. That is why I did my best to offer you the best restaurants in Durban, which offer you all these great qualities 

here’s your go-to guide to the best restaurants in Durban-South Africa you won’t want to miss.

(01) The Grill Room at The Oyster Box Hotel Umhlanga rocks

The Grill Room at The Oyster Box Hotel

The Grill Room at The Oyster Box Hotel

This is one of the most popular and best restaurants in Durban and for good reason. It has a great view, excellent service, and delicious food. The menu changes seasonally, but they have a signature dish that they always offer:

The Oyster Box is well-known for its inventive seasonal food, which draws inspiration from both the surrounding shoreline and local cultures. The Curry Buffet at the Ocean Terrace is famed, and the superb breakfast assures an inspired start to your day.

This is where you get your choice of platters of fresh fruit, charcuterie, or shrimp with a medley of vegetables on top. If seafood is more your thing then you can select either prawns or oysters served with lemon butter sauce over rice.

Service options: Dine-in · No delivery

Address: 2 Lighthouse Rd, Umhlanga, 4320

Phone: 031 514 5000



The best place to be If you’re ever around and experience one of the best restaurants in Durban, you’ll find a bar at The Oyster Box that’s perfect for you.

Choose between the seaside chic of The Oyster Bar, the cozy charm of the Chukka Bar, or the vibrant décor and panoramic sea views at the rooftop Lighthouse Bar.

(02) Spiga Morningside, Durban One of The Best Restaurants in Durban in 2023

Spiga restaurant

Spiga Morningside, Durban

You will want to return frequently if you are in the Durban area, especially if you enjoy Italian cuisine. Located on Innes Rd in Morningside, Durban. It’s a lovely and relaxing small location. extremely popular There is lots of outside seating available for you to enjoy the fresh air. superb! Genuine Italian cuisine.

Spiga is located just across from Mitchel Gardens and offers a “chilled” elegance and exquisite dining experience.

Service options: Dine-in · Takeaway · Delivery

Address: 465 Innes Rd, Morningside, Durban, 4001

Phone: 067 138 1115



The most important factor to consider when considering this restaurant, which most of us will do, is the quality of service and food offered here. If you prefer to have great Italian food for the day or night, just visit this place and discover the best cuisine in Durban to order in or head out to the restaurant.

(03) Pearls Umhlanga – Grimaldi’s Restaurant

Best restaurant

Durban offers some of the most amazing food in the world, and there are so many incredible restaurants to choose from when planning your trip. But Pearls Umhlanga – Grimaldi’s Restaurant is the right restaurant that can make all the difference when traveling to Durban,

This place gives you unforgettable experiences that will stay with you for a long time to come.

Having more than 30 years of experience running successful restaurants across South Africa, Steve, Jason, and Tim established Umhlanga’s coastal charm.

At Grimaldi’s, every ingredient is selected for seasonality, freshness, and flavor. The menu explores contemporary ways of paying homage to Italy’s timeless flavor profiles, combining a unique personal touch with innovative dishes and classic service. and makes it one of the best restaurants in Durban South Africa,

Service options: Dine-in · Takeaway · No delivery

Located in: Dis-Chem Pharmacy Pearls of Umhlanga

Address: 6 Lagoon Dr, Umhlanga, Durban, 4320

Phone: 087 822 2375



Definitely one of Durban’s better restaurants. I would strongly advise anyone to visit this beautiful place if you are ever around the city. 
When making your reservation, be specific about your seating preference and table selection.

(04) Butcher Block Restaurant – Umhlanga- Best Restaurant In Durban

Restaurant – Umhlanga

Butcher Block Restaurant-Umhlanga is one of Durban’s greatest eateries and one of the best restaurants in Durban south Africa. Only at that one will you find delectable delicacies you’ve never had before,

A good spot for meat and wine lovers! Go with a local who can guide you through the options! If you have one, the staff is nice and the prices are reasonable. A relaxed atmosphere to just chill with family and friends. situated in the Umhlanga Plaza.

Butcher Block is a posh restaurant in the center of Umhlanga that specializes in delicious red meat meals. All of the steaks are AAA quality and have been aged.

Service options: Dine-in · Takeaway · Delivery

Address: 2 Ncondo Place, Umhlanga, Durban, 4320,, Umhlanga Rocks, 4320, Umhlanga, Durban, 4320

Phone: 031 566 3547


Friday12–3pm, 6–10:30pm
Saturday12–3pm, 6–10:30pm
Sunday12–3pm, 6–10pm
Monday12–3pm, 6–10pm
Tuesday12–3pm, 6–10pm
Wednesday12–3pm, 6–10pm
Thursday12–3pm, 6–10pm

Butcher Block is a steakhouse located in the beautiful Umhlanga neighborhood of Durban. The restaurant also serves a variety of gourmet burgers and seafood meals. If you decide to visit Durban and you never pass by this restaurant, it means you have nothing to tell your family and friends about Durban dishes.

(05) Moyo Ushaka (Ushaka Marine World)

moyo Ushaka

Moyo uShaka, with its pier, is the first restaurant 150 meters into the sea and the only site from which to enjoy the sunset over Durban City.

At this amazing location, you can enjoy cocktails at the beach bar, exquisite views of the Indian Ocean, tropical weather, exotic flavors, and soulful vibes.

one of the best restaurants to visit in Durban, located just meters from the water, is a great location for a range of business events. Moyo Pier offers a private venue for 100 guests, A local attraction, uShaka Sea World Aquarium, which is situated beside this restaurant, is a part of the authentic culture of the city.

Service options: Takeaway

Located in: uShaka Marine World

Address: uShaka Marine World, 1 Bell St, Point, Durban, 4001



A breathtaking wide ocean vista Natural light floods the room. A fantastic cocktail menu. delicious food If you are an international visitor, this is a good site to visit. lovely home-baked pieces of bread that are quite tasty.

Although fish cakes are created with canned fish, this is a traditional African manner and culture.

(06) Suncoast Casino, Hotels, Restaurants, and Entertainment

sun coast casino, best restaurant in durban
Suncoast Casino, Hotels and Entertainment

Suncoast casino with 13 restaurants and 10 fast food restaurants It’s The Place To Be for Entertainment Alone or with the Whole Family, while enjoying the best local and international dishes,

Some of the best Best Restaurants in Durban-South Africa with different dishes, Movies, And Kid’s Games Arcade. hotel. Barnyard Theatre Buffet restaurants family restaurants. Family Entertainment movies.

Address: Suncoast Boulevard, O R Tambo Parade, Durban, 4056

Phone: 031 328 3000


SaturdayOpen 24 hours
FridayOpen 24 hours

Suncoast is one of Durban’s most exciting and fun-filled locations, with the ideal combination of sun and sea, as well as some of the greatest entertainment. This site is incredible. It is attractively designed and is the ideal area to spend time with your loved ones. It is also safe and secure.

(07) Gateway Theatre Of Shopping where you will find some of the The Best Restaurants in Durban in 2023


With over 430+ stores, 70 eateries, and a host of exciting entertainment, Gateway Theatre of Shopping is one of the top 100 largest malls in the world.

visitors are spoilt for choice! At Gateway you will find local South African retail, and popular international brands such as Zara, Forever New, Cotton On, Superdry, Gant, and everything in between.

Gateway sees more than two million visitors coming through its doors per month, which means more than 90 restaurants to choose between and accommodate most of the best restaurants in Durban South Africa,

Address: 1 Palm Blvd, Umhlanga Ridge, Umhlanga, 4021

Phone: 031 514 0500



It is still one of my favorite Durban mall experiences. Rightly so, with a plethora of nice businesses, a terrific location, reasonable nearby activities, proximity to the magnificent Umhlanga beaches, and a clean and friendly atmosphere. Expect some patience while parking, driving about, or going to the mall during peak hours because it is a popular destination.

(08)Fiamma Grill-Ballito- Very Popular and one of The Best Restaurants in Durban in 2023

one of the Best Restaurants in Durban

great place with a relaxed, social atmosphere. The outside area has a very good vibe; I would suggest booking a table as it tends to get very busy.

Bring your costume since there is a pool outdoors for everyone to enjoy. A five-star rating is extremely rare. Excellent food. Awesome service. Great chilled music creates a friendly, relaxed atmosphere, and the restaurant is nicely spaced out and located in a boutique hotel. beautiful koi in a nice pond. variety of dishes,

Service options: Dine-in · Takeaway · No delivery

Address: Coco De Mer Boutique Hotel, 63 Compensation Beach Rd, Ballito, Dolphin Coast, 4430

Hours: Phone: 032 946 1029


The best spot to go in Ballito, their original Espresso Martini is a must-try, and you must taste their Chorizo and Calamari meal!!


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