How to Stay Safe in South Africa All The Time(Guide)

We all enjoy travelling around the world, but trust me, we do have very different views and experiences of places. We may have been to the same nation, seen the same sights, and shared hotel rooms, but we had quite different experiences. For you, the location may be secure and pleasant, but not for me. Always accept each other’s opinions and let them assist you in conducting more research before traveling.

South Africa is one of the countries where I have lived for about half of my life.

When you are planning a trip to South Africa in general, there are a few things you should keep in mind, and they all revolve around your safety. As amazingly fun and exciting as South Africa might be,  

You should be aware of the numerous perils that await unwary visitors and everyone in general. South Africa is one of the most beautiful countries on the African continent.

Johannesburg Nelson Mandela Bridge
City of Johannesburg-South Africa

Located at the southernmost extremity of the African continent, it is home to a variety of habitats. Big game abounds in Kruger National Park, an interior safari destination. The Western Cape is home to beaches, rich winelands around Stellenbosch and Paarl, dramatic cliffs at the Cape of Good Hope, woods and lagoons along the Garden Route, and Cape Town, which stands beneath flat-topped Table Mountain.

More than 15 million visitors visit the nation each year. Only two foreign visitors have been slain in South Africa in the last ten years, one of whom was a Guatemalan tourist. This means that the number of international visitors killed in South Africa each year is almost nil. Sounds interesting 

The number of visitors to South Africa will increase from 2012 to 2023.16.65 million, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands, and France were the top five foreign nations with the highest number of visitors visiting South Africa.

So, in order to appreciate the beauty of this country, you must be well and secure so that when you return home, you can tell your friends about it.

I’ll give you some safety suggestions for your trip since, contrary to common misconception, South Africa is a completely safe location to visit if you take a few simple precautions. I used to reside in South Africa. Observe and feel the country’s reality.

So let us think about what we will prioritize in order to stay secure. When you travel to South Africa,

(01) Safe Accommodation in South Africa for Travelers

Safe accommodation in South Africa

One of the first things that will come to mind is your accommodation, as well as your initial place of residence. Make certain that your lodging is in a secure location. It does not have to be a five-star hotel.

South Africa is eager to welcome foreign visitors and improve the country’s recent negative international image. The quality of the accommodations is excellent, and most of the environments are secure. These are the sorts of lodging places that are accessible in South Africa.

South African Bed and Breakfasts. Bed & Breakfast lodging is often given in a family (private) residence, with the owner/manager residing on the premises. as well as being more popular, more inexpensive, and more liberated.

Since the majority of this sort of accommodation are located in safe areas, You will ensure that your lodging is close to the majority of tourist attractions, allowing you to have access to most places easily and securely.

(02) Self Drive in South Africa

Road - in South Africa
A self-drive vacation allows you to go anywhere and whenever you want. You may travel at your own pace, stopping at different sites along the way for lunch, sight-seeing, or shopping whenever you like. Then you go on your journey when you’re ready.

In South Africa, national routes are a type of trunk road and motorway that connect large cities. Most of the nation’s roads are well-maintained and simple to manage, and most visitors who rent a car to see the nation say it’s a breeze. Some rural roads may be more difficult for cars to navigate and may be deadly, but you should not be concerned about the quality of the roads in the first place; instead, you should be concerned about your safety.

To enjoy your self-drive in South Africa, follow the regulations of the road, such as speed restrictions. Maintain the posted speed limit and adjust your driving to the road conditions. Keep your attention and definitely stay away from any kind of distractions, like cellphones. Make a point of paying close attention to your blind areas.and always watch these cars along with you.

So to stay safe when you self-drive, keep your eyes open and see who is following you and for how long. Do not leave behind anything valuable visible in your car. because you may regret when you come back,

However, minibuses are a common form of transportation in South Africa, and they can be hazardous. According to reports, hundreds of incidents involving minibuses occur each year, with many of them resulting in fatalities. So always be careful.

(03) Is it safe to walk Around in South Africa ?

Walking throughout South Africa is safe, depending on the areas you visit and the time you spend there. However, you should have some understanding of the locations and be aware of the best times to visit. It is not very safe to walk alone; you can easily be robbed in public locations, like in most places throughout the world.

If you are in Capetown, The V&A Waterfront and Camps Bay are popular with tourists and are safe during the day and during the night too (but always avoid quiet places and unfamiliar streets as muggers exist all over the world). There are many peaceful areas full of security estates, as well as a large ex-pat community.  

Safety can also be affected by the passage of time. Make sure you have a full knowledge of the place where you are walking from and to which you are going. Wearing pricey jewelry is not a good idea. While you are taking a walk, make sure you leave all these expensive objects behind in your hotel room. Laptops, cameras, cell phones, and purses are among the products targeted.

South Africans have put in place a variety of safety and security measures that we take for granted… However, walking around a major city late at night is never really safe. Even during the day, you must use caution.

In South Africa, like in many other parts of the world today, crime is rampant… and keep costly, showy jewelry in your hotel safe while you’re away. Bringing valuable jewelry on vacation is not recommended in the first place, but if you must bring expensive items such as a camera, keep them hidden when you are in an unfamiliar place.

Because most violent crime occurs in regions that are “no go” zones for visitors, the risk to foreign tourists is negligible. These are the locations you should avoid.

(04) Lock Your Car Doors and Keep Valuables Hidden

Car break-ins and carjackings are very typical occurrences, particularly in large cities like Durban, Cape Town and Johannesburg.

Avoid them by driving with the doors shut and keeping anything out of sight, including sunglasses, phones, backpacks, and wallets. When the automobile is parked and unattended, nothing of value or anything that appears to be valuable, even inexpensive sunglasses, should be visible.

Unlicensed parking attendants are often there in major cities to “watch” your car for you, so give them a tip now and again for keeping an eye on it when you’re not there.

(05) Public Transport & Your Safety As Foreign in South Africa

Roads, trains, airports, water, and petroleum oil pipelines are all modes of transportation in South Africa. In South Africa, the majority of people rely on informal minibus taxis as their primary source of transportation.

Low-capacity vehicles (16-seater mini-bus taxis) are plentiful, providing door-to-door service and flexibility to many.

But personally i will advice to not use most of public transports unless you have a great knowledge of the places, and know where you going,and you will need to consider this before you do so,

(1) have a knowledge of prices and where to stop, and do not talk much, pay and jump off and you will be fine.

Just follow these facts and you will be fine.

  1. Know Where Not to Go. …
  2. Don’t Walk at Night. …
  3. Don’t be Flashy. …
  4. Lock Your Car Doors and Keep Valuables Hidden. …
  5. Have a Dummy Wallet. …
  6. Be Aware and Listen to Your Instincts. …
  7. Use Common Sense.
  8. avoid walk alone often
  9. act like a local.

weekday and weekend nightlife in South Africa. Safety

South Africa offers a busy nightlife, with something for everyone in each of the main cities. From beach bars to nightclubs,There are numerous famous and safe spots in South Africa where you can enjoy your nightlife. However, I would not advise you to attend alone; instead, travel with a group of close friends that you can trust.

When you’re finished, make sure you take a well-verified taxi to your accommodation. and you will be fine


We do not wish this, but in any cases you get robed or any problem let them take what they can, do not compare your life with your belongs, but stay alive.

Enjoy your visit thanks

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