John Kate


Travelling is my passion. It leaves you dumbfounded for a moment before transforming you into a storyteller.


About Me

However, I’m better known by my nickname/travel pseudonym, Let’s Explore. 

But I’ve turned MY long-term travel into a way of life. I’ve lived in 10 countries, but for almost half my life, I lived in South Africa. I like learning new languages and have a peculiar hummus addiction. I’m most likely to be found on most of the hidden germs around the world, or wherever cool and interesting people are available. I also work as a travel and portrait photographer, so you’ll seldom see me without a camera in my hands. I’m on a quest to travel the world, live in different countries, and make each day count.

i'm passionate.

I followed my heart. .

I believe in myself.

I don't need a lot of friends – just the great ones I have.

I am a self-starter with a strong desire to succeed. I thrive on challenges and set objectives for myself on a regular basis so that I have something to work for. I'm not content with mediocrity, and I'm continuously seeking methods to improve and attain excellence.

I love to collaborate and make awesome content. Let’s talk!

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